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KBIM Millwrights
Big Jobs. Small Jobs. All Jobs.

Specialized Equipment

One of the great advantages of an all-millwright contracting firm is that along with highly experienced millwrights come a whole set of tools and equipment that no single industrial plant could afford to equip itself with.

No other Western Canadian contractor has the whole range of portable millwrighting machines that KBIM has purchased and, often, adapted to better suit the kinds of work we do.

Valued at upwards of $2 million, our portable tool ‘crib’ gives us some pretty impressive capabilities:

  • Using our custom-modified equipment, we can machine up to 130-inch diameter flange faces.
  • Our largest milling machine can machine sole plates up to 16 feet long, a capability that is becoming more important to our clients as older rotating equipment is replaced with lighter, faster, high performance equipment.
  • We modified a top-quality stud drilling machine to suit our own work processes, giving it far greater power for drilling out large diameter, high temperature fasteners.

Every modification we make allows us to employ work processes that we have developed to accomplish the same work in less time, using fewer people and requiring less client supervision and control.

The bottom line of our edge in equipment is the project’s bottom line.

KBIM’s equipment, in the hands of our people, delivers top-quality work, for less.