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Specialized Equipment : Flange Facing

You’d be surprised how common it is that flanges are over-torqued to prevent or ‘fix’ a leak.

Over-torquing causes distortions that make the problems even worse and ultimately more expensive, which is why KBIM’s industry-leading flange facing technology is your most cost-effective strategy.

Especially when it’s impossible or not feasible to cut off and replace a flange, turn to KBIM. Our custom-modified flange facing process is widely acknowledged, even by OEMs, as the best in the industry.

Right on your site, we can machine virtually any type of flange from precision flanges like RTJ, Lens ring, Securamax, Greyloc and Tecloc, to raised face flanges.

We routinely refinish flanges from 1/2" to 130" diameter with finishes that range from 500 rms to ground finishes.

Pipe cutting and prepping heavy wall or exotic material pipe is not a problem when you have the right equipment. We are capable of cutting vessels or pipe in excess of 22 feet diameter and 1 1/2" wall.