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Power House Maintenance

Power station maintenance has been a key component of KBIM’s service since 1976. Since then, we’ve planned, coordinated and executed more than 100 turbine outages. No other all-millwright company in Western Canada comes close to that kind of experience.

While our expertise includes a variety of plants as small as 8 MW, the bulk of our work has been on mid- to large-frame units in the 150 MW to 400 MW range. We have been the supplier-of-choice to one of Alberta’s largest electrical generation firms for more than 20 years.

Major or minor overhauls, life extension projects, emergency repairs on only a few hours’ notice…from the Arctic Circle to the Caribbean, we’ve done them all. Our staff knows most of the equipment we work on as well as their OEMs’ technicians do!

In addition to our human expertise, we have adapted much of our equipment to vastly outperform its original specifications. Customized equipment allows us to work more quickly – often far more precisely and on much larger components – all of which saves our clients both time and money.

We can usually perform a shutdown faster and with about one-third less manpower than our multi-trade competitors or an in-house service team would require.

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